Sport Integrity is a three-year pilot project that has been developed to support National Governing Bodies to deliver their responsibilities for upholding conduct in their sports.

The pilot involves the creation and operation of an independent disclosure and investigations process for the high-performance sport system.

Background to Sport Integrity

Sport Integrity is an independent reporting service and investigation capability to provide all members of the funded High-Performance System with the confidence to report unacceptable behaviour, and for it to be independently investigated.

It does not replace NGB disciplinary and grievance processes; but provides an optional service to deliver those elements that are best performed by an independent body/forum.

The aim of the service is to provide athlete support personnel and athletes a confidential route to disclose issues and to support National Governing Bodies with an independent investigation into any credible disclosure of unacceptable behaviour; allowing the National Governing Body to take the appropriate disciplinary, or other, action as necessary.

How is Sport Integrity independent?

The service is operated by two organisations that are independent of National Governing Bodies, UK Sport and other funding bodies.

These organisations are Crimestoppers, who operate the reporting service, and Sport Resolutions, who conduct the investigations.

  • Crimestoppers is an independent charity providing confidential reporting services, to a range of sectors, to support individuals to report wrong-doing and crime.
  • Sport Resolutions is a UK-based independent, not-for-profit dispute resolution service for sport, offering arbitration, mediation, tribunal, and expert opinion.
Which National Governing Bodies are part of Sport Integrity?

The pilot will initially be open to Summer Olympic and Paralympic National Governing Bodies who are in receipt of Podium, Academy and/or Progression funding from UK Sport.

For Winter Olympic and Paralympic sports, they will be eligible to sign up following the Milan/Cortina investment process has taken place.

National Squad Support Fund sports are not currently eligible, but this will be reviewed during the pilot.

Throughout the course of the pilot this will then be extended to Winter Olympic and Paralympic NGBs and others who form part of the high performance system should they wish to join.

What is UK Sport’s involvement?

UK Sport are providing grant funding to Sport Resolutions to provide staff and fulfil the process. They will not have access to any individuals’ disclosures or investigation materials.

At the conclusion of the pilot UK Sport will receive anonymised and aggregated reports to understand the success of Sport Integrity.

What about safeguarding?

If the Sport Integrity investigators receive and determine that there is a safeguarding issue or disclosure these will be subject to a preliminary investigation and then referred to the National Safeguarding Panel process.