How it works

Sport Integrity is here to support you. The following information provides further background to the service, who the service is for and the types of issues Sport Integrity can investigate.

Who can raise a concern?

To raise a concern you must be either:

An Athlete or member of Athlete Support Personnel who are on a UK Sport funded Performance Programme


An Office Holders of a National Governing Bodies who receive performance funding from UK Sport 

If you work or compete in a sport that is not one the above you will not be able to use Sport Integrity and should use the current process within your applicable National Governing Body.

What if I am under 18?

If you are under 18 years of age, we cannot progress any concern you raise without your parent, guardian or carers’ consent.

If you do not wish to progress a concern due to this, we advise speaking to other support organisations such as Child Line.

What can I raise a concern about?

You can contact Sport Integrity in relation to raising a concern about any of the following matters:

  • Abuse (verbal, physical and emotional)
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Sexual harassment 
  • Victimisation
  • Breach of an applicable policy.

Any issues you report must have occurred within the last 3 months, unless there is a legitimate reason for you needing to delay contacting the service to raise a concern.

What can’t I raise a concern about?

Sport Integrity will not investigate any concerns that relate to:

  • Previously concluded proceedings
  • Selection issues
  • Anti-doping allegations
  • Gambling and match-fixing.
What happens after I have raised a concern?

Once Sport Integrity has been notified of a concern, a preliminary investigation may take place to establish if the disclosure is legitimate to ensure that only credible matters are investigated. 

If there is a legitimate concern the relevant National Governing Body will be informed and Sport Integrity may recommend mediation or an independent investigation. In line with the full Procedural Rules of Sport Integrity (effective as of 1 November 2023*).

Any mediation will be undertaken by Sport Integrity. In the case an independent investigation is required the National Governing Body involved will either instruct Sport Integrity to undertake this or choose for this to be manager by a third party.

On conclusion of a Sport Integrity facilitated investigation a report detailing findings will be provided to the National Governing Body to allow them to resolve as appropriate.

If you have are the reporter of a concern you will be provided with a brief statement informing you whether the investigation has substantiated the allegations, and if so, you will be referred to the National Governing Body.

* If your complaint dates from between 1 May and 31 October 2023 the following Procedural Rules of Sport Integrity will apply to the investigation or see the Procedural Rules of Sport Integrity for complaints prior to 1 May 2023.

Who might you inform about my complaint?

Your disclosure will remain confidential up until the preliminary assessment is completed and a decision has been made to investigate a complaint. At this point the National Governing Body and respondent are required to be informed to ensure the investigation is fair. If a complaint does not proceed to investigation, it shall remain confidential.

Please be aware that if we consider the information you have provided us needs to be referred to the relevant statutory authorities because it raise issues of a criminal nature, or immediate safeguarding concerns, we may do so. We will usually ask for your permission to do this, but if we believe that a person may currently be at risk of significant harm, we may do this without your consent.

For further information on how we handle your personal data, view the Sport Integrity Privacy Policy.

Additional support

Athletes can receive additional or alternative support from the British Elite Athletes Association, by contacting

If you are a member of Athlete Support Personnel you can receive support from UK Coaching or via any applicable employee assistance programmes.